Fanavaran Petrochemical company Supply Chain

Fanavaran Petrochemical Company is ready to receive all technical, engineering, commercial and research submissions from domestic and foreign suppliers whom are able to supply all kinds of equipment, spare parts, materials and technical/engineering services as well as research studies related to its field of activity. In order to this, applicants of each sector can enter the desired area through the tabs in the supply chain section and submit their application for entry into the vendor list or submit research proposals as well as presenting their engineering and technical background.

- Please "sign up for a list of authorized suppliers of this company by logging into the relevant software system in tab # 2 of the supply chain section, enter the registration and receive your username and password in order to access the supplier system. If you are approved as the results of your activity evaluation, you will receive a Vendor Membership listing.

- Please complete and send the relevant form to submit technical and engineering suggestions and introduce capabilities and performance records through tab # 3 of the Supply Chain List.

- Please fill out and submit the relevant form for presenting studies and research projects related to the field of activity of F.N.P.C. in the fields of production, maintenance, engineering etc. through tab # 4 of Supply Chain List.

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Industrial Complex: Site 3, Special Economic Zone for Petrochemicals - Khouzestan Province, Iran 

Postal Code: 6357136314           Po. Box: 365

Central Office: No. 18, Shahid Palizavani St. (Seventh),  South Gandi St.,Tehran, Iran

Postal Code: 1517643711

Export Sales Department: +98 21 88886870
Internal Sales Department: +98 61 52123400

Central Telecommunications Unit: +98 61 52123600